Organic food

At our college uses organic produce and most of comes from the fields and livestock of the college’s farm. The college produces vegetables as well as lamb-, pig-, and beef meat and as a student, you will be a part of our production.

At Kalø Agricultural College, organic food is self-evident and our kitchen has continually strived to increase the percentage of organic ingredients used to prepare meals for our students. This effort was rewarded in 2012 when Kalø Agricultural College received a gold medal from the Danish Ministry of Foods & Agriculture for their use of organic produce.

We have an excellent kitchen staff whom are dedicated to prepare fresh, seasonal and organic meals for our students and staff. Our well experienced kitchen chef Lone ran a vegetarian restaurant for 19 years together with her husband and has dedicated her profession to cook organic and with fresh produce.

Although the meals at Kalø Agricultural College leave nothing to be desired for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans, the kitchen serves a well-balanced and varied diet. The kitchen creates both traditional Danish food and meals, but they are also inspired by other countries specialities and their own fantasy.

Boarding includes three meals as well as coffee/tea and snacks in the afternoon and late evening.