For Danish, as well as foreign students, the education is free but all must pay for boarding at our school. The school offers full boarding to the students at the campus. We have an excellent kitchen that provides our students with organic food, also offering vegetarian and vegan options.

The price for food, accommodation during the 12-week basic course is 550 DKK per week.

Basic course 550 DKK / week

You will receive an invoice before the start of each course and payment is a prerequisite to participate in the course.

SU - The Danish student Grants

Every Dane over the age of 18 is entitled to public support for his or her further education – regardless of social standing. Students are given grants by the Danish Government to cover living costs so that students can fully concentrate on their studies.

Normally you must be a citizen of Denmark to be entitled to SU. If you are a foreign citizen, however, you have the possibility of applying for equal status with Danish citizens and thus being approved to receive SU.

If you are not a Danish citizen, you must fulfil some special conditions to be placed on an equal footing with Danish citizens and receive state education support (SU) for education in Denmark. For further information, please visit:

*date January 2018. Prices may be subjected to change.