Generel information

You must provide the school with a copy of your high school diploma. This is a prerequisite for your admission.

As a large part of the education involves working with machines and tractors, it is important that you have a valid driving license. For Danish students it is possible to obtain a tractor driving license at the college, but according to the Danish law, it is only possible for the Danish students.

You need to bring a valid passport, with at least 6 months left before expiration. This is important in order to obtain your residency in Denmark.

På studieture til udlandet tegner VID Erhvervsuddannelser en rejseforsikring for alle deltagere på turen.

I alle andre undervisnings-, transport-, udflugts- og pausesituationer, ved tyveri mv. er du ikke dækket af skolens forsikring, men af din egen forsikring. Skolen opfordrer dig til at have en gyldig indbo-, rejse-, ansvars- og ulykkesforsikring.

You will need to bring a computer/laptop; this is a prerequisite for your education.

E-learning and written assignments are an essential part of our teaching and you will be working with your computer on a daily basis, especially during the business course. The college neither has a computer room nor will be able to lend you a computer.

The college will lend out all the books needed for your study. When you finish your course all books must be returned to the office, otherwise you will be charged for them. It is possible to buy the books if wanted.

There is wireless internet access at the college, free of charge for all the students.

There is a bus stop right by the school and there are buses going to Aarhus (55min) and Ebeltoft (20min) on an hourly basis. The bus 123 to Aarhus stops in Rønde where there are supermarkets, a pharmacy and shops for everyday needs.

We strongly recommend getting a Danish personal accident insurance and a home content insurance for the duration of your stay at the school. There are Danish websites that specialise in finding the cheapest insurance for you.

Students are covered by the School’s Injury insurance. It covers if an injury occurs in connection with “teaching under workplace conditions”. That is, when you work / receive teaching at one of the school’s workshops or laboratories. If damage arises due to inappropriate behavior or by unregulated use of machines or tools, the school’s insurance does not cover. In such cases, it is your own insurance.

On study trips abroad, the school provides a travel insurance for all participants.

In all other teaching, transport, excursion and break situations, by theft, etc. you are not covered by the school’s insurance, but by your own insurance. The school encourages you to have a valid home, travel, liability and accident insurance.

In case you suffer from any learning disabilities, mental or physical difficulties, f.ex. Migrane, AHDS, dyslexia, we kindly ask you to provide us with a note from your doctor about your inability.

The college’s facilities are unfortunately not equipped for the disabled. Kalø Agricultural College is an old school, where over the years wings and buildings where added.

There are many stairs and we have neither elevators nor suitable sanitary facilities for the disabled.

Students are welcomed to participate in the school council and help share fellow students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the teachers. It is an extracurricular activity and presents a great opportunity to be part of the schools development.