The 24Th of September, Lærke Lyhne, a student from 2nd Main course, facilitated a plant medicine workshop here at Kalø Organic Farming School. The theme was about “Firecider” and 35 exited, curious and amazing Future Organic Farmers signed up. The School decided to finance and support many of the ingredients for the workshop, which created a space for a different perspective on plants!



The workshop was part of a bigger project Lærke calls “Your Inner Evolutionary Garden”, where she aims to facilitate a playground for a spiritual scientific approach to theoretical -and practical plant-medicine making. A project that she has developed through out her internships the last few years. 

They infused seasonal medicinal roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and berries in raw applecider vinegar to create powerful immune supportive medicine for the winter season. A practical way of understanding extractions, conservation and the connection within the seasonal cycles of nature!



The workshops invited discussions about how to build up our immune system to become wild ambassadors of resilience, and thereby able to fight viruses. It is not about killing a virus, its about building up from within with fresh vegetables and medicinal plants! 

Lærke has taken herbal medicine educations and combined it with her Global Organic Farming education to gain a greater understanding of Health sovereignty.

Lærke explained about her own course; “We, as farming students, learn a lot about how to grow a fertile and rich soil, from where we can germinate our seeds. Now it is time to reflect that perspective inwards to Our Inner Evolutionary Garden. The medicine starts in the soil – the planetary body. The body as an energetic reflection of our mental health, our history and our habitat, among many things. 2020 is a good example of how important it is, that farmers have awareness of the healing aspects of both tamed and untamed plants. The food is our medicine, and herbs can support us when stress and pollution are suppressing our immune system.

Let’s grow regenerative relationships with the soil, the plants and each other to develop a more caring and supportive understanding of growing, healing and interconnectedness.”