Organic food

At Kalø Organic Agricultural College, we are very proud of our kitchen. We have a dedicated kitchen staff who make a healthy and varied diet from organic ingredients, where a large part is produced at the school. The kitchen offers both vegetarian and vegan dishes.

At our school farm we produce both vegetables on our fields, milk, cheese and honey as well as lamb, pork and beef, and as a student you will take part in our production as a part of the teaching.

We know our ingredients

At Kalø Organic Agricultural College, organic food is self-evident and our kitchen continually strives to increase the percentage of organic ingredients used to prepare meals for our students.

Our excellent kitchen staff are dedicated to preparing fresh, seasonal and organic meals for our students and staff. Both traditional Danish food is served as well as dishes inspired by other countries' traditions and of course according to the staff’s own creativity.

The kitchen has great knowledge of vegetarian and vegan food and nutrition. For special needs, e.g. allergies, certain diets, etc., contact the kitchen.

Boarding includes three meals as well as coffee/tea and bread in the afternoon.

If you do not live at the school, the price for a daily meal is 250 DKK/week. Read more about the pricing under the menu item School home if you will be living in the school home.

If you invite guests for dinner, contact the headmaster and the kitchen at least two days in advance for prices etc.

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