Cosy rooms

Most students choose to live at the school during their studies. It is a cheap way to live, and a way in which student can get the most out of the study and the social activities that are available on site.

We have cosy rooms in different sizes and all rooms are fully furnished with shared sanitary facilities down the hall. The halls have small tea kitchens and seating areas. It is possible to rent bedclothes, a duvet and a pillow.

We offer full boarding for all students here at the college during your studies. This means you will be able to stay at the college during your basic course, the first and second main course. During your internships, you will have to find your own accommodation. Farms often offer accommodation or help you to find something suitable locally.

During your stay at the college, you might be required to share a room with someone depending on vacancy. The halls are not gender separated. This means that male and female students share a hall and sanitary facilities.

Except during epidemics, it is possible as a student to host guests (family or friends). If your guest stays overnight it is free of charge in your own room, but it is possible to rent a room. Your guest may participate in meals but all charges for food and accommodation must be paid at the office before arrival. Read more on our page “General and practical info”.

Payment for rent of your room takes place after moving in.


The price for food and accommodation during basic course is DKK 550 Mon-Fri. If our room capacity allows it, you can apply for a single room, and then the price will be DKK 250 extra pr. week - that is DKK 800 in total.

You must be aware that if you choose a single room, you commit to this throughout the school period.

If you want meals during the weekend, it costs DDK 125 pr. Day. A total of DKK 250 for Saturday and Sunday. Payment will be collected on an ongoing basis.

If you live at the school during the weekend without eating, you do not have to pay DKK 250 for Saturday and Sunday.

If you do not live at the school, the price for food is DKK 250 Mon-Fri. Payment for food is paid on the 1st of each month.


You are always welcome to call us if you are in doubt about something.

Annette Esbjerg Jensen, Phone: +45 20 37 30 05