The Only Organic Agricultural College in Denmark

Kalø is the only organic agricultural college in Denmark with about eighty to a hundred students and twenty employees; all of them passionate about organic farming.

Kalø Organic Agriculture College is located in a rural setting on the edge of a forest and close to the sea, three kilometres from Rønde, a mid-size city with all the necessary facilities, and thirty kilometres from Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark.

The school emphasizes practical skills, and the school farm is an important part of the education and everyday life. The practical learning facilities include around fifty hectares of organically cultivated farmland for crops and vegetables, greenhouses, machinery equipment, facilities for raising our pigs, sheep, dairy cows and steers.

We offer full boarding for all students here at the school. Boarding includes three meals per day and complimentary morning and afternoon coffee and bread. We have an excellent kitchen that provides our students with organic food in addition to vegetarian and vegan options.

At Kalø Organic Agricultural College we offer you an organic and sustainable education based on the world we are facing right now and will be facing in the future.

In a time of climate change, focus on global food production, environmental considerations and a political agenda, it is important to have an education that takes care of just this.

You can get it here on Kalø - we are Denmark's only organic agricultural school and we take the responsibility seriously. You can feel it in the form of dedicated and competent teachers, a school farm in a class of its own and a nice and innovative school environment.

Facts about us

  • 65 hectares of school farm
  • Approx. 100 year-students
  • Vegetable production
  • Dairy herd, free-range pigs and sheep
  • Plant breeding
  • Farm shop
  • School home
  • Organic gold label in the canteen
  • Events, lectures and evening events featuring specific themes
  • Modern machinery
  • International study environment


The school's work is based on ecology, as a basic way of thinking and as a perspective on life, and it is not just as a concept or form of production.

This means that we care about nature, the climate, energy consumption, the condition of the soil, food production and processing, animal welfare and waste.

At the same time, it is important for us to think in wholes and have a more holistic mindset.

Specifically, it means that

  • We run a unique organic demonstration school farm
  • We ensure a high degree of self-sufficiency
  • We always have 90-100% organic products in our kitchen
  • Our purchases are made taking sustainability into account
  • All our agricultural teaching is based on the ecological principles
  • We participate in the general debate in society regarding ecology and seek influence


At Kalø, we see community as the strongest force for human development.

We believe that interpersonal relationships are central to the general well-being, personally and collectively.

Specifically, it means that

  • We are always concerned with safeguarding the interests of the community
  • We are aware of each other's general well-being towards both colleagues and students
  • We are all committed to participating in the community
  • We are obliged to help or initiate help if a colleague or student needs it
  • We regularly arrange initiatives that can support the sense of community
  • We are very interested in and are constantly looking to establish good communities with relevant partners.


In a globalized and changing world, it has become much more important to ensure one's own development both internally and externally, as the alternative would be stagnation.

At Kalø Organic Agricultural College, we focus on developing ourselves and always being at the forefront in relation to society's demand.

The development in society is moving towards a greater awareness of the environment and the ecological initiatives are strengthened, and as a result, the demand for the competencies we offer here at Kalø Organic Agricultural College increases.

Specifically, it means that

  • We are constantly working on personal and professional development
  • We all help to ensure a positive and forward-looking development of our teaching, meeting activity, togetherness, conversational approach, agricultural productions, website, etc.
  • We are constantly innovative and creative
  • In a continuous process, we seek to develop relevant educations and courses for the market
  • Kalø Organic Agricultural College is a place in constant development.