The foundation of the agricultural school

Djursland Højskole / Kalø Landboskole in Lyngby on Djursland was established in 1897, where the first few students arrived at the school at a time of great progress for the Danish folk high schools and agricultural schools.

The school was situated in Lyngby at that time, 10 km. northeast of its current location. The school would eventually develop into Kalø Landboskole & Sproghøjskolen on Kalø, then later to Kalø Landboskole/Kalø Agricultural School before reaching its final name Kalø Organic Agricultural College.

In this perspective, Kalø Organic Agricultural College has roots in the old, fine Danish traditions of public enlightenment and political liberation.

The organic agricultural school in Store Vildmose in Vendsyssel

On 15 September 1982, the first class of hopeful students started at the organic agricultural school Den Økologiske Jordbrugsskole, which at the time was located in Store Vildmose in Vendsyssel.

In the months prior, a group of organic pioneers had succeeded in establishing the organic agricultural school. They had strong, distinctive attitudes and a desire to develop an alternative to contemporary agriculture and cultivation in Denmark, with both greater respect for and in a much closer interaction with nature.

Kalø Organic Agricultural College on Kalø on Djursland

On 1 March 2003, Kalø Agricultural School merged with the Den Økologiske Jordbrugsskole, and Kalø Organic Agricultural College became a reality - a brand new school with new untested possibilities and great expectations.

In 2014, Kalø Organic Agricultural College merged with Viden Djurs, which is the most important educational player on Djursland. This has provided even more opportunities for the college, and Kalø Organic Agricultural College is today the only school in Europe offering an organic agricultural education in English.